News Item

Student Parking

April 01, 2016

Thank you to all of the students for their continued cooperation this year in regards to the parking at MBSS.  We have had very few incidents where vehicles have been immobilized and towed.


A reminder that Grade 11 students are allowed to park on the street or in the gravel parking lot by the Arena, and must not be parking in Student Parking areas.  


Grade 11 students are not assigned a parking pass and must not be displaying a parking pass. Any student parked in the back of the school must should have a permission from their Tech. Ed. teacher and fitted with a temporary Tech Ed. parking pass, and that vehicle must be in line to be serviced by a shop class.


Any vehicle that is parked in violation will be fitted with a wheel immobilizer that can be removed by School Administration on the first offence.  On the second offence the vehicle will be immobilized and then towed at the owner's expense.