News Item

National Bullying Awareness Week

November 13, 2015

November 15th through 21st, 2015 is "National Bullying Awareness Week".  This year's theme is "Stand Up! (to bullying)".  The vision behind Bullying Awareness Week is:

  • Bullying Awareness Week is about working at preventing bullying through education and awareness
  • Bullying Awareness Week is NOT about what others could or should be doing, but rather what WE can do!
  • Bullying is a community issue. Schools are a critically important part of the solution, but bullying should not be defined solely as a "school problem".
  • Addressing bullying is best done with a holistic, community approach because bullying is a community health and wellness issue.
  • Everyone can play a role in addressing bullying in their community.
  • Bullying also needs to be understood as a health issue. The impact of bullying on personal health and wellness can last a lifetime. This also has financial implications for our society with lessened productivity, lost man-hours due to illness or personal days off work.
  • Bullying is a serious issue, at its worst, bullying can kill.