Grad gowns and ceremony tickets are to be picked up June 13th after the grad assembly (11:15) that day. Students can pick up their gowns and tickets from 12:00 to 4:30 in the gym. Tickets and gowns will only be released to the students (no friends or family members).

Date: Friday, June 14th, 2019, 6:00pm

Location:  Trinity Baptist Church -  1905 Springfield Road, Kelowna

Grads MUST BE in the NextGen building at 5:15 pm.

Guest doors open at 5:15pm. Once the ceremony has commenced there will be not admittance to the venue.

Tickets: Tickets are purchased through Grad fee payment (see FEES page).

There are a limited number of extra tickets available for the grad ceremony. Grads who are requiring extra tickets have until May 9th to put their name in for a lottery for extra tickets. Students enter the lottery in room 196 with Mrs. Wowchuk. Students with outstanding fees, or who are not in good standing to graduate, are ineligible for extra tickets. We cannot guarantee all requests will be accommodated. Draw results will be posted on May 14th. Tickets will be $15 each.


  • Fee: $85 per student. This amount pays for the event expenses and gives each student 3 guest tickets.
  • A mandatory grad assembly will take place mid June. Dual credit students are asked to ensure they educate themselves on assembly details should they be unable to attend.
  • Students can NOT be on the "no walk" list, students must be in a position to graduate.
  • Pictures by family & friends taken BEFORE arriving at ceremony.
  • V-stoles must be signed in before leaving Trinity Baptist Church. They will not be accepted til after the Ceremony. Students will be billed accordingly to replace a lost/not returned v-stole, approximately $100. Caps and gowns are student's to keep.
  • If participating in Dry Grad, please check the Dry Grad webpage early June for itinerary.
  • No substitutes/decorating caps/gowns will be allowed. Pay attention to the acceptable clothing list.
  • As this is a formal ceremony, students are asked to maintain decorum, i.e.: no yelling, whistling, gum chewing, etc.
  • During the ceremonies, all grads are to remain in their seats. The only time students are out of your seat is when crossing the stage or if you are called to receive an award.
  • Parents/guests are asked to keep movement in the audience to a minimum. No food or drink in the sanctuary area. Bottled water is sold on the premises.
  • Please do NOT to book any dinners or flights, etc that will interfere with a student being in attendance for the full ceremony.

Dress Code:  Dress should reflect this formal event and celebration of graduation, by the graduates, their family, their educators and their community.  All students taking part in the ceremonies will be expected to wear a gown and mortarboard cap.  As a general rule, colours and style of clothing should compliment the colour of the graduation gown.  MBSS staff reserves the right to refuse participation in the commencement exercises should attire be inappropriate.  Follow the attached guidelines:Dress Code.pdfDress Code.pdf

Parking is limited.  Staff and students are asked to park at the rear of the church.  Family and friends who have tickets can park in any open spaces of the church. Please do not park at the surrounding businesses, you may be towed.Parking.pdfParking.pdf