Post Secondary Preparation / Scholarships


Post Secondary Visits: Please check the School Calendar webpage for all upcoming Universtiy and College visits to MBS.

Post Secondary Preparation sessions - 

Student PSP session #1: 

Student PSP session #2:  

Student PSP session #3:  

Post Secondary Preparation Parent Evening:  TBA



Post Secondary Institute (PSI) Selections for Students

To complete the online PSI form:


BC Ministry of Education: Student Secure Web


SAT exam - needed for USA universities ( (MBSS's No. 821144)


June Exam Results and Transcripts -

Please refer to the following pdf file for information regarding: June Exam Results and Transcripts, August Exam Session, BC Dogwood Planner, Examination Review and Re-marks, Examination Re-writes, Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships, any questions you may need answered.

Provincial Exam and Information Bulletin.pdf​