Available Services

Aboriginal Advocates and Tutors

Our Aboriginal students can access targeted support through an advocate or tutor.  The advocates are housed in Rooms 119, and the tutors can be found in Room 116.

Career Programs

Support teachers for Career Programs can be found in our Career Center (Room 138).  They help to coordinate activities such as job shadowing, field trips, guest speakers, and spotlight sessions on different career fields, etc.  They also work with senior students to set up and supervise work placements to help them achieve a "Career Prep" designation on their graduation.


The Den (Room 285) exists primarily to support students with temporary behavioural issues.  The most common would be power struggles between a student and a staff member.  A stay in the Den may be anywhere from 10 minutes (as a time out) to a few days (as an in-school suspension).  Students assigned to the Den are required to work on any course work they may need to complete.

Drug & Alcohol Counsellor

We are fortunate that through a joint agreement with ARC Programs, a local community service, we can provide drug and alcohol counselling within our school on a regular basis.  For more information speak with your school counsellor.

Learning Center

Our Learning Center can be found in room 115.  The center is manned by Learning Assistant Teachers who specialize in assisting students with unique learning needs in the following areas:

English                  - reading speed, fluency and comprehension

                             - formal essays and composition

                             - grammar and spelling

Mathematics          - computation

                             - problem solving

Science                 - organization and study skills

Social Studies       - research techniques

Students follow individualized programs of study which are approved by their subject teachers.  Instructional methods are used according to the varied and individual needs of the student's learning style. Students are programmed for Adapted or Modified subjects. Educational goals are set according to each student's strengths within an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.). Parents, students and staff participate in designing the I.E.P. Please note that Modified subjects relate to "learning outcomes" set in the student's I.E.P. and Adapted subjects relate to learning outcomes in the Provincial Curriculum, but are taught using materials & methods best suited for the student's learning style.

Learning Strategies

This program targets students with Learning Disabilities.  It provides additional support for students in their core academic courses through understanding and use of effective learning strategies.

Resource Room

Supervised by Special Education Teachers and Certified Educational Assistants, support is available to students with Special Education Designations.  Only students with special ministry coding qualify for these services. 

School Counsellors

If your teachers cannot answer your questions, or you need more help to cope with school or personal concerns, you should make an appointment to see a counsellor. If you want to make changes to your timetable, you MUST see your counsellor! For more serious problems, counsellors are always available, and all counselling is strictly private if you request confidentiality. Counsellors can also offer a great deal of information about career opportunities and choices.  All counsellors' offices are in our Counselling Center.

Westside Learning Centre

Although not solely a Mount Boucherie program, in cooperation with Central Programs we have initiated a storefront school for senior students on the Westside.  If you have been out of school, or know someone who is, this is an opportunity to get back on track to graduate.  For more information contact the principal at Central Schools.

Student Success Team

This team is comprised of specialist teachers, specific support staff, counsellors, and administrators.  It is the "think tank" for the school in that it has the responsibility of reviewing the most difficult student situations so that unique plans can be developed.  It is through this team that community and district services may be accessed.