Physical Education



In conjunction with the Principles of Learning and the First Peoples Principles of Learning, the MBSS Physcial and Health Education program will provide an emphasis in the areas of lifelong physical fitness, skill development, and the development of a positive attitude toward the value of a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

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Below is the list of staff in our department.  To email one of them, click on the name.

Chris Carter:  Department Head, Athletic Director, PHE 9, PHE 10, Weights and Fitness 11/12, Human Kinetics 11/12

Sandra McIlmoyle:  PHE 9, PHE 10, PHE 11/12

Jason Rogall:  PHE 9, PHE 10, PHE 11/12

Kelly Broderick:  PHE 10, PHE 11/12, Weights and Fitness, Basketball 10/11/12

Kristen Basdeo:  PHE 9, PHE 10

Peter Briker:  PHE 10, PHE 11/12, Weights and Fitness

Jeff Cundy:  Volleyball 10/11/12

Tom Nagy:  Hockey Academy

Tony Cescon: Outdoor Education 9/10

Trent Pontalti:  Outdoor Education 11/12

Erika Ingram:  Dance 10/11/12

Maria Grant: Dance 11/12

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