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1.jpgKʷu limt p cyʕap to our mountain.  Mount Boucherie Secondary is the only senior secondary school serving the Central Okanagan Public School's geographically large area on the west side of Okanagan Lake which includes the municipalities of West Kelowna and Peachland.  Our community of learners of 1500 students and 150 staff proudly recognize that we are able to gather on the traditional territories of the Okanagan Nation, the Syilx People, to learn and grow together. Mount Boucherie's diverse population of students and staff representing over 26 countries and multiple First Nation, Métis and Inuit nations contributes to a culturally rich learning environment. 



 Mount Boucherie Secondary offers a wide-range of academic, athletic, artistic, cultural, and leadership development opportunities for our students.  Through course offerings and extra-curricular teams, clubs and events, MBS students are able to study and gain experience in their areas of passion and interest from a variety of perspectives.

1c.jpgThe Academy of Indigenous Studies provides a unique cultural experience for our students.  While a broad focus on British Columbia First Nations culture is examined, students experience a more holistic approach with the local Okanagan culture.  Students participate in authentic, hands-on Indigenous activities aimed at enriching their understanding of the local culture while making a positive contribution to the community.  This is a unique and innovative opportunity for students to gain a greater sense of how their interaction with local First Nations culture has an effect on future generations of British Columbians. 

1x.JPGThe Mount Boucherie Culinary Academy and the Mount Boucherie Hairdressing Academy are Accelerated Credit Enrollment in Industry Training (ACE IT) programs. The Culinary Arts Program provides practical skills in the culinary arts combined with classroom work and worksite placements.  Students completing this program are granted Professional Cook Level 1 and apprenticeship practical training credits. The Mount Boucherie Secondary Hairdressing Academy is designed for students who have chosen hairdressing as their primary career choice. The program is composed of hairdressing courses, practical skills training, practical/ and lab assignments, client work and work experience placements. Students from both ACE IT programs gain valuable skills and training that prepare them for successful career after graduation.

The West Kelowna Fire Rescue Firefighting Academy is an amalgamation of courses that combines components of the Justice Institute of British Columbia's Basic Firefighting certification course, fundamentals firefighter skills, St. John Basic First Aid, CPR training and live fire training.  Exceptional effort and completion of the course have led students directly into the adult Paid On-Call recruit classes and employment as POC fire fighters with WKFR before secondary school graduation. 

1g.jpgMount Boucherie Secondary is home to four sports academies that combine sport specific skills training with elements of physical fitness, nutrition, and health for student athletes. The MBS Baseball Academy encourages students to pursue their passion for baseball by developing their offensive and defensive mechanics and overall skill levels. The academy also includes inter-squad games to enhance teamwork and game experience. MBS Golf Academy students receive instruction from fully accredited C.P.G.A. professionals.  Students learn golf theory as well as practice, play and compete at local golf courses. Students enrolled at Mount Boucherie also have the opportunity to participate in the Hockey Canada Skills Academy. This program helps minor hockey players of all levels develop and improve their hockey skills and gain course credits. The MBS Soccer Academy is open to players of all ability levels.  Through this academy students are able to improve their individual & team soccer skills and increase their personal fitness level, confidence and roles as leaders on and off the field.

1h.pngGrowing student leaders and fostering a sense of belonging for all students and staff and are fundamental elements of the culture of Mount Boucherie Secondary.  In order to develop leadership skills, promote school spirit, and connect to the local and global community, Mount Boucherie Secondary offers diverse curricular and extra-curricular leadership opportunities.  Including Indigenous Culture and Leadership, Diversity Club, Global Issues, Grad Council, Peer Counselling, Peer Tutoring and Student Leadership and Student Voice.  Mount Boucherie students host numerous major events throughout the year that provide authentic leadership experiences such as the Indigenous Drum-a-thon, the Mayor's Youth Forum, Mental Health Awareness Week, and the MBS Carnival.  These and many other events connect MBS students to our school and with our greater community.

Everyone who visits Mount Boucherie Secondary is greeted by our bear, a carving gifted to the school by wood carver Peter Ryan representing one of the Four Food Chiefs of the Okanagan Nation.  The acronym of the Bear, the oldest and wisest of the four Food Chiefs and leader of all of the animals that live on land, guides us in our vision statement to be a professional learning community that:1z.JPG

Believes in a collaborative approach to learning; 

Engages all learners;

Allows for a diverse range of programs and instructional strategies;

Recognizes and celebrates student success and achievement in all areas; and

Supports a positive and safe school culture, mbss.jpg

as we strive to do all we can to educate and support our students in realizing their unique and full potential, and in living purposeful lives.

medecine wheel.JPGOur Learning Story is guided by the First Peoples Principles of Learning and and the holistic view of education reflected in the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.  Through these perspectives we strive to create a positive and collaborative culture that is supportive of student achievement and well-being, and effective for school improvement, community development, staff and student morale, and successful shared leadership. As we embark on the journey of the implementation of the BC Redesigned Curriculum we will continue to shape our culture of shared learining and  to create a welcoming and caring place for students, staff, parents and community members.  fppl.JPG




















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